Saturday, June 13, 2015

While in Zanesville...

Make sure you check out the Zanesville Museum of Art.

I visited recently to see their 71st Annual Ohio Exhibition. As the title suggests, this show is a juried event that features work by artists who presently live in (or have previously lived in) the state of Ohio. Taken in tandem with the State Fair's Fine Arts Exhibition the Zanesville exhibit offers a great opportunity to see some of the best work by Ohio artists.

Like previous shows, this one was another winner. Thanks to either a liberal photography policy or the fact that no one noticed me, I snapped a few pics of some of things that caught my eye.

Here are my highlights:

Moon Rabbit
Anita Dawson

I'm not sure if I'm sold on the collage elements, but the rabbit and the sky and the palette and the whole almost creepy storybook vibe just knocked me out. I looked at this one for a while, never entirely sure if I should pet the rabbit or run away from it.

If this intrigues you the way it does me, know that Anita will have a solo show at Sharon Weiss Gallery in Columbus in August. To see more of Anita's work, make with the clicky here:

Barbara McGonagle 

I know, right? I review one show on fiber art, and now I think I'm some sort of expert. Seriously though, this bit of embroidery struck three of my nerves; the one that watched mom and grandma do needlework the entire time I was growing up, the one that appreciates graphic data visualization, and the one that lights up any time it sees something that even hints at the obsessive. Cherry. Cherry. Cherry.

Barb is from Oxford Ohio. If she has a web presence I couldn't find it. And really, good for her. The lack of an online footprint serves to reinforce the resolutely analog nature of her work. 

The Collection
Fred Fochtman

Fred Fochtman remains a favorite painter of mine. This still life/interior is a bit of a departure in that he's probably best known for his landscapes. Also, he's stretching the palette a bit with some colors you won't see in many of his other paintings. Not surprisingly, Fred won an award for this one. On the one hand, he deserves every award he gets, on the other, maybe he'd like to take a break and give some other painters a chance.

Fred is represented in Columbus by the Sharon Weiss Gallery: His personal web site remains comically incomplete:

Si-Yun Chang 

Re: Fiber Art (see above). This is just a fantastic piece and a good example of fiber art shining in a way that other mediums don't. Yes it's a (mostly) flat wall hanging that's more or less an exploration in two-dimensional design. The fact is though, you can't pull this off with anything else. Oil can't offer the subtle variances. Ink can't capture the texture. Watercolor can't define the flow. Hang this in my home and I'd probably take up meditation. Srsly.

Si-Yun has no discernible web presence. Artists!

Barn Under Blue Moon
Alice Carpenter 

GWTP (Great Work, Terrible Picture). You have to take my word on this one. It's lovely and rich and intimate. It's like a tiny Whistler nocturne, but instead of boats and bridges it has barns and weeds. real web site to direct folks to. Sorry. 

Sophie Knee

I love Sophie's monoprints. They're gestural, economical, and always capture the essence of the subject. A testament to their power is the fact that they can turn someone like me (who's not really an animal person), into an animal person!

Sophie's another Sharon Weiss artist:  

If the Ohio Exhibition weren't enough of an enticement the Zanesville Museum of Art also offers a lovely collection of American art pottery, American painting, and a current exhibiton of botanical prints. If you're looking for a day trip from Columbus, take 70 east and enjoy a visit.