Thursday, December 31, 2009

Inside the Artist's Studio

I started this blog ostensibly to keep people up-to-date about my art stuff. It's obviously kind of drifted a bit from that, so I thought I might make a post that gets us back on track.

Plenty of people have seen art in galleries and museums, but they're not always privy to what goes on behind the scenes. To address that, I took a few snapshots of my workspace in the hope of giving readers a glimpse of how a painting comes together.

I do some work on the easel thing, but most of the painting happens at this table. As you can see, these aren't laboratory conditions I'm working in, but it gets the job done. The painting you see on the table is one that's just about finished.

Obviously my space is as much about storage as it is about painting. That's because I make more work than I sell. If you have any ideas about how I might rectify this situation, I'm all ears.

This is a longer shot of the work table. There's not a lot of natural light in this room, so I do the best I can with a couple different floods (one warmer and one cooler). It's funny, but sometimes I don't even know what a painting really looks like until I take it to my framer. I'll look at it as I'm walking to my car, and go, "Oh! that's what you look like!". I suppose that makes me kind of hack in the eyes of Monet and and all the plen aire purists, but it's not like I'm painting nature...well I am I guess...but more like photographs of nature.

So, that's the tour! Glamorous, right? Yeah, I know...

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