Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Ohio State Fair Exhibition: An Update

On May 15 I posted about my submissions to this year's Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition. I'm happy to report that I've had two painting accepted into the show. I previewed one already (A Pennsylvania Landscape (after Keiley)). The other accepted work was this one:

Moonlight (A Moonlight Poem) (after Becher)

Right now, both pieces are being lovingly framed by my friends at Hackman Frames. Hackman is a one of a kind custom framing and gilding operation right here in Columbus and they really do terrific work. We're lucky to have them in town.

Also, while I'm offering acknowledgments, Laura Alexander (who also got work accepted into the Fair!) has been kind enough to help deliver my work on drop-off day! I had some scheduling conflicts, but Laura has come through to help out.

...and just when I thought the Fair couldn't get any better, we got Weezer and DEVO tickets!

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