Saturday, March 24, 2012

How I Almost Lost My nook: A Twitter Play in One Act

On Wednesday March 21st me and a few of my library pals drove up to Kent State University to present at the Ohio Library Council's Northeast Chapter Conference. It was a mostly uneventful trip, except that upon disembarking in Worthington for the final leg of my journey home I misplaced my nook.

Here's how the story played out on Twitter:

As I was juggling my jacket and bag in the library's parking lot, it seems I set my nook down on top of Julie's car. Fortunately she didn't go far with it; only a few miles. During the trek it managed to maintain its perch atop the car. I picked it up later that evening, and needless to say I thankful and relieved to have retrieved it. If you own a nook, you know why!

For what it's worth I'm informed by the folks at Barnes & Noble that 1-800-thebook is the customer service number to call if you ever lose your nook.

Happy Reading!

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