Thursday, July 12, 2012

The DewDroppers: Your New Favorite Band

I first heard The DewDroppers by way of a track they'd contributed to The Dick & Jane Project. A friend had directed me to the site to alert me to the kinds of cool things local bands can do when they work outside of traditional musical outlets. It's really a neat project and one that should serve as a model for how the arts and education can cross-pollinate.

 Photo by Jodi Miller courtesy of Columbus Alive

The DewDroppers cut, "Ode to Mothers"  is a jazzy and infectious number that's equal parts charm and swing. For me it was love at first listen. That briefest of introductions piqued my interest and lead me to the group's bandcamp page; featuring the EP "Nothing. Darling. Honey Baby". If "Ode to Mothers" was our courtship, then NDHB was our marriage vows. It's raggedy, loose, fresh, and bubbling over with the kind of reckless enthusiasm that typically only reveals itself when a band knows they're on to something special (and trust me, The DewDroppers are).

Well, it's turned in to quite a year for The DewDroppers. They were named a Columbus Alive 2012 Band to Watch, they played The Peach District Classic, and they got picked for a spot on the big stage at this year's Comfest. If you haven't seen them yet and you're curious to find out what all the buzz is about, you'll have your chance this weekend when they perform as part of Worthington Libraries Summer Concert series on Friday July 13 at Northwest Library.

This concert is free, open to the public and will be held on the back lawn of the library. That means bring a blanket or chairs and maybe your dinner too. The show starts at 7:00 PM. In the event of inclement weather we'll move the furniture and hold the event inside.

As an added bonus, we'll have the newest arrival to the Columbus food cart scene on hand to serve up delicious hot dogs and sausages. Tyrone and Marcella from "The Good Frank" will be selling their locally sourced wieners and cold beverages to folks looking for that authentic "dinner and a show" experience.

The Worthington Libraries' Summer Concerts are sponsored by the Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries. For more information, check the library's calendar page.

I hope you can make it out! We'll be shaking the stacks rain or shine.

The DewDroppers
July 13, 2012 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Northwest Library


  1. Jeff!

    I thought of you last night when they played the opening verse/chorus of "Going Underground" during the opening ceremonies in London - very shrewd selection. I used to teach bass at the Evans Scholars house to Tom Newbold, who is sorely missed. I remember driving to a Raisins gig in Cincinnati in your car - at Tom's behest, of course, heh heh.

    Chris Richardson

  2. Thanks for sharing Chris. I can't believe they played "Going Underground" at the opening ceremonies! Crazy! And yes, Tom is still greatly missed. He was a great friend, and definitely one of a kind. I hope you're doing well and still making music.