Sunday, October 28, 2012

What A Difference a Week Makes

Last Sunday was sunny, cloudless and 60 degrees. It was, at least in central Ohio, the first of a number of warm days that would add up to a very pleasant "Indian Summer". I'd had a busy week and decided I needed a walk to clear my head and mentally regroup. As I was out, I snapped a few pictures. 

This is the view from under the Dodridge Street Bridge. Perhaps to most people this is "just a bridge"; a modest span traversing an unremarkable waterway. To the residents of SoHu, South Clintonville, Old North Columbus and the University District it's much, much more. Closed since July of 2011 the scheduled re-opening on October 31st is cause for much rejoicing!

Just north of the Dodridge Bridge is OSU's Olentangy River Wetland Research Park. This park provides a lovely oasis of calm amongst the clatter of the University District.

This is the view of the Wetland Research Park's "billabong"; an oxbow that floods naturally during the rainy season.

One of a number of dams on the Olentangy River, this one is just north of the Dodridge Street Bridge. If you look closely you can see...

...two young men riding their bikes across it. Ah, youth!
Of course the neighborhood's not all nature preserves fall foilage. Sometimes people afix large balloons to telephone poles. Presumably this has some meaning, though it's not one that I'm privy to.

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  1. Love the yellows of late fall in Ohio. We sure do live in a beautiful state and city!