Saturday, July 26, 2014

How to Buy Jeff's Paintings

It occurred to me recently that I don't make it very easy for people to shop for my paintings.

I don't have a gallery.

I don't have an Etsy page.

I don't have a Saatchi Art page.

I don't have an AbsoluteArts page.

I don't have a web site that shows available works, terms, prices, or any of the other rudimentary elements that comprise most free-market transactions.

I should probably fix that at some point.

In the meantime, here's a blog post that will hopefully answer a few of the most common questions regarding "how to buy Jeff's paintings".

Where can I see Jeff's paintings?
  • Jeff maintains a Pinterest page that features many of his completed paintings. That's probably the best place to look. He doesn't post every completed painting on Pinterest, but he posts a lot of them. Some have already sold, but many are still available.
How much do Jeff's paintings cost?
  • Size is probably the biggest determining factor when it comes to price. The smallest ones (5" x 7") are generally $250.00 - $300.00. The medium sized ones (9" x 12") are generally around $500.00 - $700.00. The largest ones are about $1000.00. Pricing is not an exact science, but those numbers will at least get you in the ballpark.
 What does that get me?
  • Well, you'll get the painting (natch). It will be signed and dated too! (By Jeff, on the back). Jeff doesn't sign paintings on the front. He's not really sure why. It might be because the front is where the painting goes. In any event, he just doesn't sign there.
  • Your painting will also come framed in a really nice Hackman Frame. These are handmade and hand-leafed frames. The corners are finished (i.e. there are no visible miter joints) and the painting is "floated" in the frame (unless it's a work on paper. Then it gets matted, put under glass, and then framed). Either way, it's a really nice presentation (if perhaps a bit traditional).
Do I have to buy it framed? Can I buy it unframed at a lower price?
  • Jeff is kind of a stickler for presentation and prefers to sell his paintings appropriately framed. Obviously buyers are free to have the paintings framed however they like once they take possession. Jeff does not recommend this. It's unlikely they'll be able to improve greatly on the work presented at the point of purchase.
So what if I decide I'm interested in a painting and I'm thinking about making a purchase?
  • At that point the simplest thing would be to get in touch with Jeff at jregensb(@) and make an inquiry. If you identify a particular painting of interest, Jeff can let you know if it's available. If it is, the next step would be a studio visit. You and Jeff would arrange a time to meet at his studio to see the work in person. Similarly, if you just wanted to browse and see what's available a studio visit can be arranged for that as well.
So, I should just contact Jeff if I'm interested in his work or in seeing more? Is that how it works?
  • Yep. Pretty much. 
What if I go through all that and I decide I don't want a painting after all. Won't that hurt Jeff's feelings?
  • No
Are you sure?
  • Yeah. Pretty sure.
Is there some way I can buy Jeff's paintings without going directly through Jeff?
  • Yes. While Jeff doesn't have gallery representation, he occasionally has works available for sale in group shows, specialized galleries, or any variety of local auction-based fundraisers. These opportunities come up sporadically, and Jeff usually promotes them through his social media channels. The best way to find out about these events is to follow Jeff's blog, his Facebook page, or Twitter.
What if I don't have enough money to pay for a painting all at once. Can I make payments?
  • Jeff's pretty reasonable about stuff like that. He wants people to enjoy his paintings so he's usually willing to work with them.
Are the prices negotiable?
  • Jeff feels like his work is priced fairly. When one factors in the time, materials, and the cost of framing, it turns out the prices are pretty reasonable (perhaps even a bit low). It's a high-quality presentation too; one that will offer years and years of enjoyment.

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