Sunday, January 1, 2017

Publishing Trends: Top Non Fiction Titles for 2017

Publishing houses are already exploring the impact of November's election on our national conversation.

To that end, here's just a sampling of the non-fiction titles we can expect in the new year:
  • What to Set on Fire: Essays and Actions for a New America

  • Punching Down, Moving Up: Harness the Power of Racism and Misogyny to Achieve Career Success

  • At Least I Didn't Live to See the Day: Phil Ochs in the 21st Century

  • "It Weren't Raycess": Explaining Your Trump Vote to People of Color

  • The Only Green that Matters: Megaprofits in an Age of Environmental Collapse

  • Flying High: Drones, Firearms and the Inviolability of the Second Amendment

  • Fake News is Good News

  • Plundering Toward Armageddon: a Guide to Graft in the Age of Trump

  • Power Words: 1001 Slurs, Slights and Epithets You Can Start Using Today!

  • Forms of Address: Revised and Updated

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