Friday, July 17, 2009

The Part of the Internet Where Jeff Complains about Pants.

Ok. This is an admittedly futile gesture, but what's a blog for if not to occasionally complain about some shoddy product or service we've been subjected to?

My story is as simple as a couple pairs of Haggar casual slacks I purchased new (I know...khakis...LOL...) that ended up frayed and unwearable (at least in a professional setting) within a year. Granted, I buy/wear lots of vintage clothes, so I might have missed the point at which new retail clothes became disposable, but I was still pretty surprised.

In a somewhat uncharacteristic move, I decided to fire off a complaint via Haggar's web site. I sent them this short note:

Hello Haggar,

I'm writing to let you know that I'll be very hesitant to purchase any of your products in the future. Here's why: I purchased two pairs of your flat front casual pants (upc # 01745757043 and 017457571106) new from my local Kohl's. Within six months, both pairs were starting to fray and show significant signs of wear around the bottom hem and pockets. Within a year, they were both unwearable (at least in an office environment). I understand that costs are always an issue in manufacturing and that sometimes cheaper materials are necessary, but understand this, I really need pants that I purchase new to last more than a year. If I can't trust your products to at least do that, I just won't buy them anymore.


Jeff Regensburger

Now the really funny part is this. When I clicked on "submit", I got what appeared to be a msyql error (or somesuch nonsense). I'm not even sure my fist-shaking missive went through. And even if it did, would it matter? I mean what are they going to do? Give me some gift certificates for more Haggar pants?


  1. Khaki pants?! Kohl's?! Who ARE you and what have you done with Jeff Regensburger?!

  2. Maybe try Dockers next time:

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